Sunday, 1 April 2012

Day 1: HAWMC Begins!

30 posts over 30 days?  Wow.  We'll soon see if I'm cut out for it.  Saying that I suppose if I could inject myself 4 times a day, everyday for over 15 years then I should be capable of blogging for a solid month.  Definitely.

Today's prompt is to imagine that I'm going to bury a time capsule of me and my health focus that won't be opened until 2112.  Here goes...
  • NovoPen 4
  • NovoRapid and Lantus insulin cartridges
  • Accuchek Aviva blood testing monitor
  • Accuchek MultiClix finger pricker
  • 5mm needles

    I'm really hoping that when they're found in 2112 they'll look like foreign objects from another planet.  I would want the diabetics of the future to see them and look at them with the same confused expression as I did when I first saw one of the old horse-syringes.  I want them to not be able to comprehend how anyone could ever have used such a monstrous looking device, because in 2112 type 1 diabetes won't exist.

    There will be no need for injection pens or blood testing monitors because a cure will have been found.  Words like 'bolus' and 'hypo' will have been forced out of the dictionary and out of our vocabulary, once and for all.  The only place you'd see them would be in history books (or on some wonderful Kindle/iBook thingy-majig of the future!)  In 2112 no D-parent will have to worry that their child will slip into a diabetic coma and, when their pancreas calls it a day, no type 1 diabetic will be told that they have to inject themselves every day for the rest of their life.

    So there's the dream.  However, before I go putting all of my diabetes supplies into this time capsule, I should probably make sure I've got spares.  Somehow I'm doubtful that the dream's going to come true in time for my next meal.

    Oh yeah, I'd also put a can of Diet Coke in because I love the stuff.  Although I don't think I'd love it as much if it looked like this in 2112:

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