Here are a few of my diabetes related drawings from my blog.  Most of them took me a matter of minutes and the majority are coloured in using Crayola Wax Crayons because I forgot to take my art materials to university with me.  Click on the image to go to the blog post they were featured in.  If you want to use them for anything, that's cool - just send me a link or let me know so I can check it out! :)

My diagnosis

The generalisations I feel people make when you tell them you're diabetic

The diabetes police

My poster for 'National Hope For A Cure' Day

My diabetes word cloud

A reminder

The T1 Terminator!

Not all nice foods are high in GI!

The Amazing D-Straw 

The D-Thanks Fairy sprinkling her magic on D-Blog Week

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  1. These are fantastic pictures. I especially like the one with the D straw, people don't seem to always understand that when you say you need diet or no added sugar you are not being picky, it's a necessity when you're diabetic.