Monday, 23 April 2012

Day 20: Diabetes Miracle Cure

Personally I don't like the idea of a 'miracle cure' for diabetes, mainly because I don't think I'd trust it.  I don't much believe in 'miracles', possibly because I don't believe it's something I've ever experienced and I'm yet to hear or read about any occurrence that I think warrants being called one.  I do, however, believe in luck, fate and that hard work results in a good outcome.

If there's going to be a cure for diabetes, I'm pretty darn sure that it will be a result of a heck of a lot of scientific research over many years.  That's the reason why I'm not going to fill this post up with inventing my own cure, because if it's going to be a miracle cure then I'd make it something like "RAINFALL ON TUESDAY 24th APRIL CURES TYPE 1 DIABETES!"

A few years ago, I encountered a middle-aged man who tried to tell me that I didn't have to have diabetes anymore.  I was at the pharmacy collecting my insulins, when the pharmacist came over to me with my prescription to tell me that they didn't have any NovoRapid in stock and did I want to order it in for the following morning?

The man, who had been standing behind me in the queue, obviously overheard the conversation and decided that he had something to inform me of.  As I left the pharmacy, he followed me out on to the street.  

"Excuse me" he said "are you diabetic?"  
I, of course, replied "yes"
"You do know you can get rid of it, don't you?"
"Erm, actually I'm a type 1 diabetic which currently has no cure.  Apparently type 2 diabetes can be reversed though, yeah"
"No, no, no.  I've read a book about it.  All diabetes can be cured by eating a raw carrot and seaweed diet.  You should try it!"
"Thanks, but type 1 diabetes CANNOT be cured.  If there were a cure, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have just had to go and pick up my insulin because my doctor would have taken me off it and made me eat carrots instead"
"Well you should talk to your doctor about it."

I was intensely irritated by this point and ended the conversation by saying "Thanks for your advice" and walking away from the guy.  

I totally get that he was just either badly informed or had just completely misunderstood the book he had apparently read - a raw food diet has apparently shown type 2 reversal.  However, if I were to stop taking my insulin tomorrow and eat nothing but raw carrots and seaweed I would probably become very unwell or possibly even die.  So, just in case you were wondering, that is why I wouldn't trust a 'miracle cure'.


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