Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Letter To My Parents - In Aid Of Mother's Day

Mum and Dad

Seeing as it's Mother's Day I thought I'd take the opportunity to let you both know how much I appreciate you both.  So here goes...

I think it's hard for anyone who doesn't have to deal with diabetes on a regular basis to realise just how difficult it can be.  Although I know how it feels to have diabetes myself, I think that in the past I've underestimated how much it has affected you both too.

Being told that your three year old child has a incurable disease such as diabetes isn't what any parent wants to hear.  No parent wants to have to inject their child, draw blood from their fingers or force them to eat, otherwise they'll be ill or worse (remember how I used to hide my second piece of toast in my room, only to be found weeks later?!)  From the moment of diagnosis your lives were changed and I can't even begin to imagine the fear and shock you must have felt.  Despite this you both accepted it and tried your hardest to learn the in's and out's of my diabetes, in order to make sure that I was healthy and that my blood sugar levels were controlled.

Mum - Happy Mother's Day!  I know that the last 15 years haven't been easy for you, but I thank you for supporting me with my diabetes through them.  In all honesty I realise now that I didn't always help you in helping me.  I often thought that I knew best when it came to my diabetes and didn't listen to your advice when I should have done (I know you told me dozens of times that I needed to follow my fast acting hypo treatment up with slow burning carb, otherwise I'd drop again!) 

You have done so much to encourage me in taking care of my diabetes.  You even altered your diet to make sure that I was eating what I needed to.  You and I have had some 'adventures' with diabetes, from going low on the top of a cliff in Devon with no hypo treatment, to several hypo's on motorways (one resulting in me eating stale bread to bring my bg up!) 

Thank you for always reassuring me that, if I make diabetes my main priority, it never has to stop me from doing anything.  I know you used to hate going to the hospital for my check-ups because the doctors were judgmental - they never had any right to be.  You have done such an amazing job with my diabetes and without your input I wouldn't have the positive attitude towards it that I do.   Mum, you are an angel.

Dad, I know you worry about my diabetes care and I also know that over the past 15 years it's caused you a lot of stress.  I want you to know that now I'm older, I do take care of it and I do so because of how you have educated me.

I love how you send me links to diabetes websites with information about the latest technologies and the progress that is being made with regards to finding a cure.  Thank you for buying me books on diabetes and nutrition and subscribing me to Balance Magazine.  You take an interest in everything to do with my diabetes and that has encouraged me to be interested too.

I know that you worry because you love me, but you really don't have to.  Because of you I am eager to take care of my diabetes.  Again, I'm sorry that I haven't always taken notice of what you thought would be best but I listen to you now and you inspire me.  Dad, I trust you with everything.  You are my rock.

More than anything I want to thank you both for noticing of my symptoms, knowing that I had diabetes and for making sure I was diagnosed (despite being told by a GP that it was just a 'stage' I was going through).  You saved me and you have made my life a healthy and happy one.

We might not be the most conventional or nuclear family (okay, we're definitely not) but what we are is friends.  Thank you for bringing me up, for reinforcing the importance of controlling my diabetes and for supporting me always in everything I do, including writing this blog.  I couldn't have wished for better parents and I love you both with all of my heart.

From your Dais xxx


  1. Daisy, this is a brilliant post that made me cry a little bit, haha! I've been reading your blog on the DUK website, as well as this one, and I love it. You're a really good writer.

    I notice you're a university student. A friend and I have recently started a facebook group for uni students, if you're interested. We felt that the only support we had was each other, so thought we'd see if there were others seeking help, and so far, so good.

    Let me know!


  2. Darling Daughter Daisy,
    I am sniffling away as I write this so touched. Thank you for such a lovely message.
    I could not in my wildest dreams have wished for such a wonderful, magical daughter - and you know how wild my dreams can be! You inspire hugely too, you're my greatest friend and the only person who truly knows me.
    I respect you greatly and all the difficulties you have had especially lately and how you've dealt with them I think you're awesome. You are an exceptionally gifted writer, have been since you were at primary and I am really pleased that you are sharing your gift with the world. I know you want to help people and your brilliant blog is a great way to do it. Keep writing - I am very grateful that you are my daughter. I love you. Mum xxxxxxx
    PS only put anonymous cos it wouldn't accept anything else - I should be better with technology by now!