Monday, 23 April 2012

Day 17: Lessons Learned The Hard Way

Lessons I've learned the hard way:

1)  You cannot cook rice in a sieve in the microwave - you will almost set fire to the house and Mum won't be happy.

2)   Being forgiven by others means very little if you will not forgive yourself.

3)  Do not dwell on negative things that happen to you or allow yourself to play the victim - it will only make you bitter.  You are in control of your own happiness.

4)  Inject your fast acting insulin after eating, just in case you accidentally drop 60g worth of carbohydrate on the floor.

5)  It's never good to forget that you've already injected 10u of fast acting insulin for a meal and end up injecting the same again an hour or so later - eating yet another 100g of carbohydrate to make up for the insulin overdose is not fun!

6)  Have high hopes and big dreams, but maintain low expectations.  That way if someone or something lets you down you haven't got far too fall, or if your expectations are exceeded you can be pleasantly surprised.

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