Sunday, 15 April 2012

Day 8: From Diabetic To Diabetic

Recently someone I know was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  I was scrolling down my Facebook news feed when I saw a status saying something along the lines of 'A jab a day to keep the doctor away. Everyday. Type 1 diabetes won't beat me!'  

I didn't think much of it at first - I'm so used to reading things about diabetes on the internet because I'm always either on Twitter as @DiabeticDais or reading diabetes blog posts or writing them myself.  It took a good few seconds before I realised that the status was out of place and that I'd never seen this person talk about diabetes before.

Anyway, we got chatting and it turned out he'd been diagnosed as a type 1 that night.  I let him know that I was there if he ever needed to talk, mainly because I wish that I'd had someone who understood what I was going through when I was sick of doing jabs or carb counting or just sick of diabetes in general.

Here are our messages, diabetic to diabetic:

Me:  Hiii, you ok?  How did your appointment with the specialist go today?

X:  Hey :) Yeah I'm alright thanks.  I'm used to stabbing myself now, aha!  Got the same as you, 4 times a day which is more flexible but obviously you know that aha.  

Me:  Aw, yeah, 4 a day means you can have a lie in if you want (Yay! Haha!)  Glad it went well and that you're already becoming a pro :P Have a nice day and watch out for low blood sugars in this weather! Carry something sugary with you just in case.

X:  Haha!  I wish!  I'm up at 8 most mornings.  Wakes you up when you stick a needle in your bum!  No worries about low blood sugars - it was 26 yesterday, 11 this morning and then 8 about an hour ago so it's steadying out now.  Carry a bottle of Lucozade with me now just in case, haha.  I'm sure after a week or so I'll be fine!

Me:  I bet it does!  You inspired me to give it a go but I chickened out last minute and stabbed my leg instead :)  Lucozade's the best, especially when you're bored of eating! I woke up at 16 this morning and felt crap so your 8 is impressive!

X:  It hurts more in the belly than in the bum!  Probably because I've got a fat arse, haha!  16?!  Someone lavished up on sugar yesterday - I'm a pro now too you see :P

Me:  Ok...I admit it! I did indulge in some Ben and Jerry's last night - I did inject for it though!  You still gotta' live right!?

X:  Haha, well I've eaten a Ben and Jerry's Caramel Chew Chew so I'll let you off.  I did my injection in my leg tonight - thought I'd mix it up a bit, aha!

Me:  Bloomin' 'eck, that's it, live the Diabetic high life! :P  What insulins are you on?

X:  I haven't a clue - one's a silver pen and one's a blue pen.  That's how clued up I am :P  I'm learning slowly!

So there's a snippet of our conversation.  Just thought it was funny how something as simple as having some ice cream involves so much more thought and consideration for a diabetic and how it's nice how another diabetic can appreciate this too.

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