Monday, 2 April 2012

Day 2: Smile, run and don't stop either

'Diabetes management is a marathon, not a sprint'

I read this recently in a book.  It captured my attention especially because I realised that I'd been trying to do the 100 metre relay in Diabetes Sports Day for 15 years.  

I would get into my 'I'm going to do this!' state of mind and start to make changes to my diabetes management. However if I didn't see almost immediate results, I'd give up and relapse into the 'I hate diabetes and it obviously hates me too' mentality pretty quickly.

Now I know that things don't work that way in the realm of Diabetes.  If I want to be healthy and have well controlled blood sugars, I need to work to earn them.  I need to stick with it.  Persevere.

So that's pretty much all I have to say for today.  Okay, so it's now 11.23pm on the second day of #HAWMC but I made it before midnight!  Going home for easter break tomorrow (without my laptop may I add!) so I am going to have to find someway of getting my posts written and live everyday.  Might be interesting.

'I've got nothing to do today but smile' :)
- Simon and Garfunkel


  1. Good effort with getting this one up!! I was so close to messaging you saying "Quick, it's almost midnight!!" Nice post though! Good luck with tomorrow's seeing as you'll be without a laptop!

  2. yes it is a marathon. i love this quote!! it is soooo true!! i look forward to reading your next 28 posts!!

    and p.s i really like simon and garfunkel too!