Sunday, 22 April 2012

Day 16: Pinning Diabetes

Going to pin up 4 photos that say something about diabetes for me.  Messages that I think are important and ones that I hope will someday help us to pin diabetes down.

The first image hilights a problem.  No one wants to have diabetes, but it cannot be ignored!  The longer someone goes without being diagnosed and without proper diabetes treatment, the higher the risk of them becoming really ill, getting serious long term complications and even losing their life.

It's because of the reasons I have just mentioned that I think the symptoms of untreated diabetes should be emphasised more!  Surely the more aware people are of them, the more likely they are to go and get checked out if they experience them.

Basically, the next image just bugs me.  The guy who wrote this book is meant to be an MD, yet it's clear that he either can't be bothered to specify that there may be a possible cure for type 2 diabetes, or he actually reckons he's got a cure for type 1.  If he has then hallelujah, give me and every other diabetic this cure now!  Pfft...just annoying.

Thought I'd follow the last irritating image up with my poster design for National Hope For A Cure Day.  There isn't a cure yet (sorry to inform you of this "MD" Gabriel Cousens!) but the more we focus on it, the more we hope and wish for it, the sooner we'll be diabetes-free.

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