Monday, 12 November 2012

In Memory of Todd Newton

This post is to commemorate Todd Newton - a fellow diabetic, an unforgettable human being and a truly wonderful friend.

Living with diabetes every day of your life becomes the norm after a while. Amongst the routine of injections and blood testing, it's easy to forget that diabetes is a potentially dangerous disease. Insulin has to be respected and understood - it saves lives, but it also has the power to take them away.

Last year Todd did a guest blog post on 'Diabetic Dais' about his diabetic story. Last night, at the age of 22, Todd passed away as a result of his type 1 diabetes. Despite having a chronic illness, he lived his life to the full. I don't recall a single day when he wasn't full of energy and his undeniable enthusiasm for life was almost contagious. So many things will always remind me of Todd: the song 'RiverSide' by DJ Sidney Samson, apple sourz shots, lollipops and red wedged heels to name but a few. Our diabetes brought us together but, in the end, it was trust, appreciation and uncontrollable laughter which created our friendship. I will miss him, I will never forget him and I will always love him.

A quote Todd uses on the 'about me' section of his Facebook profile is: "If we could live without passion, maybe we'd know some kind of peace, but we would be hollow. Without passion, we'd truly be dead." I can honestly say that, with the amount of passion Todd had in his heart, he will always live on.

Rest in peace, Todd 

If you wish to leave a message for Todd or his family, please feel free to do so by commenting below.