Monday, 30 April 2012

Day 30: Challenge Met!

So guys'n'gals, it's Day 30 and the final post of HAWMC.  I know I didn't post every day, but I still worked hard to make sure I produced all of the posts by April 30th, so I'm going to say that I pretty much met the challenge. 

The last prompt was to produce a word cloud on Wordle, buttt I couldn't get Java to work on my laptop so I drew one.  It's quite literally a diabetes word cloud...


  1. nice job Daisy! you are to talented! i would never be able to draw this! love it!

  2. So very cool & talented!!! I couldn't do it so I used an app to do mine!

  3. Okay that is one cool word cloud! To heck with java! lol