Thursday, 1 March 2012

Oh, if there were a cure!

It's National Hope For A Cure For Diabetes I decided to get creative.

Whilst I was drawing my, what shall we call it...poster?  I started thinking about what I will do when a cure for Diabetes is discovered.  However, I always find this a bit of a tricky idea to conceive.  Because I was diagnosed when I was 3 years old, I don't remember any of the things I did as a non-Diabetic and so I also don't really have much to compare my lifestyle to.  So, instead I did manage to come up with a good few benefits of not having Type 1 Diabetes anymore...

ONE:  Freedom to eat when I like...or not eat if I'm really not hungry

TWO:  Not being concerned about having a hypo when I do exercise, go to the shops, go clubbing, sleep or do anything really.

THREE:   Not having to remember to make sure that I have injections, blood meter, testing strips, finger pricker, hypo treatment etc. if I as much as step out of the front door.

FOUR:   Not having to do mental mathematics every time I eat a bowl of pasta.

FIVE:   Being able to have the normal, mainstream kinds of fears that people have, like a phobia of spiders, rather than being absolutely petrified of one day losing my eye sight or being put on dialysis because of Diabetes.

SIX:   Not having to prick my fingers, stab myself with needles and draw blood from myself every single day, several times a day.

SEVEN:   Waking up in the morning in a bad mood simply because I got up on the wrong side of the bed, rather than because I've woken up feeling dreadful because my blood sugars are sky high and I've got a banging headache.

EIGHT:  Not having to repeatedly explain to the staff at McDonald's that I want a Diet Coke because I'm Diabetic and I have to have Diet Coke or I will be ill. Very ill.  I'd also like the option to choose a full-sugar Coke if I wish.

NINE:   It must be better not to have Diabetes, right? I mean, if you were to ask them, who on earth would actually choose to be Diabetic?  I'm assuming the answer is no one.

Today I am hoping for a cure for a Diabetes.  Today and every day.

If you hope for a cure, please make a donation to Diabetes UK

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  1. Never heard of this before, another D-day to celebrate! :)

    Love the picture Daisy, great post xx