Tuesday, 17 May 2011

'Weeping Daisy and the D-Thanks Fairy'

There have been many times in the last 14 years that I have wondered what my life would have been like had I not been diagnosed with diabetes.  Sometimes this thought can be pretty depressing, as I sit fantasising about no needles, not having to eat if I don't feel like it, not having to do mathematical equations each time I consume a sandwich etc.

However, I enjoyed the positive tone of yesterday's post so much that I thought I'd focus my D-Story on why I should accept and perhaps even appreciate my diabetes.  Yes, that's right!  You read me correctly.  I said: 'appreciate my diabetes'.  Shock horror!

Anyway, it's a bit of fun, but enjoy nevertheless!

Weeping Daisy and the D-Thanks Fairy ©

 Once upon a time, in a land much like yours, lived a girl named Daisy.  Daisy loved her life!  She had a supportive family, a wonderful boyfriend, fantastic friends and good grades.  If you were ever to see Daisy in the street, she would usually have a big grin spread across her face!

However, there was one thing that sometimes stopped Daisy from smiling.  She thought it was a curse.  A demon dwelling inside of her.  A monster, hiding under the blanket of her skin.  Doctors called it...diabetes.

Most of the time Daisy would try her hardest to not let the monster affect her.  She would test her blood sugar levels, do her insulin injections and eat the right foods to ensure that D-Monster would not raise his ugly head.  Still, no matter how hard Daisy tried, D-Monster was powerful and controlling and would always find ways to throw her off-balance.  When this happened, Daisy would cry and cry.  She so desperately wished that someone could make the monster disappear.

Then, one day, something very magical happened...

Daisy had been having a bad day.  She was sick and D-Monster was enjoying himself very much indeed.  Whilst Daisy's immune-system was on shut-down, D-Monster could play all-sorts of evil, nasty games inside her body.  Daisy checked her blood sugar levels.

"17.3!" Daisy cried "It's not fair!  I try and try, but D-Monster just will not leave me be!"

She began to weep and, as she did, a lonely tear fell onto her testing strip.

"Oh, how I wish I had never had diabetes!" Daisy wailed.

Suddenly there was a beam of blinding light and glitter-dust rose up out of Daisy's testing monitor.  Out of nowhere appeared a fairy!  The fairy was tiny and was wearing a beautiful dress made out of gold test-strips, and a tiara made from diamond-encrusted glucose tabs.

"Hello, Daisy!" said the fairy "I am the D-Thanks Fairy!"

Daisy was so overwhelmed with shock and surprise that she could barely even speak!

"W-w-what? I don't understand! Where did you come from?"

"I came from your blood testing monitor, silly!  I heard you say 'I wish I had never had diabetes!'  Is this true?"

"Yes it is!" Proclaimed Daisy.  "Diabetes is horrible and I'd have been much better off without it!"

"Well Daisy, don't be so sure!" Said D-Thanks Fairy.  "I am here to show you what you would have been like, had you never been diagnosed with diabetes.  If you still want to be without your diabetes once I have shown you, I promise that I will cure you."

Excitement rushed through Daisy's body.  'She will cure me of D-Monster?'  Daisy thought 'I can't believe my luck!'

All of a sudden, almost as sudden as D-Thanks Fairy had appeared, Daisy saw visions flash before her eyes.

She saw a girl, with blond hair and green eyes.  She watched the girl through many days of her life, through pre-school, primary school, secondary school and on towards her adult life.  The girl seemed careless, irresponsible and immature, even post-adolescence.  She witnessed the girl eating endless amounts of sugary foods, drinking too much alcohol and making herself ill.  It became very clear to Daisy that the girl was not taking care of herself.  It shocked her immensely to see how a person may neglect themselves like that.

Within a moment of the last image disappearing from Daisy's view, she was back with D-Thanks Fairy.  Daisy began to weep for the second time, out of horror and disgust at what she had seen.

"It was horrible!" shrieked Daisy "Who was that girl?"

"Why, it was you Daisy" said D-Thanks Fairy, calmly.

"No it wasn't!  She was reckless and destructive, even towards her own body!  I could never be like that!"

"You're right.  You could never be like that now."

Daisy looked puzzled and confused.

"Daisy" D-Thanks Fairy whispered "you are the way you are because of diabetes.  You are responsible because you have had to have been.  You are mature because you had to grow up quicker to take care of your own blood tests and injections.  You are careful because you know of the high risk of complications if you are not."

Daisy felt her heart begin to lighten, as if D-Thanks Fairy had lifted the weight of the world from it.  From listening to the fairy's words, she began to feel an emotion that she had never felt before.  She felt thankful for her diabetes.  Thankful that she was the person she was and not the girl that D-Thanks Fairy had shown to her.

"Thank you!" roared Daisy "Thank you for making me thankful!"

D-Thanks Fairy smiled a knowing smile and disappeared back into Daisy's blood-testing monitor, leaving sprinkles of glitter behind her.

Daisy sat down, trying to take in what had just happened, reflecting on the magic that D-Thanks Fairy had brought to her.  She looked down at her blood testing monitor and there it was.  On the screen was a message that read:

'Your diabetes is part of you.  You are not it.  Love, DTF  x'

As she read this, Daisy wept one final time.  This time, Daisy's tear was one of relief, thanks and above all, acceptance.

...and they all lived happily ever after. The end :)


  1. Very sweet story Daisy. It's true, we have to always be acutely aware of our health, while so many people just eat, drink, and be merry without a second thought to their health. Diabetes has taught us quite a life lesson. Thanks for sharing such a nice story. :D

  2. What a great story you wrote. I'm a firm believe in finding the good things about diabetes too. I especially loved the description of the D-Thanks Fairy's outfit!!