Sunday, 15 May 2011

Bye, Bye D-Blog Week 2011.

Here is the final post of D-Blog Week 2011, and first of all I'd like to say how much I have loved taking part.  Of course, I have got Karen to thank for putting the time and effort into setting it all up :)  You have provided me with much-needed opportunities to be creative, vent my frustrations towards my diabetes, have a positive outlook on my health and also unite and identify with people living with diabetes as I do.  THANK YOU!

So, what have I learned from D-Blog week?  The answer to this question is loads, although here I will state a few of the major things that have stood out to me.

1.  Many will laugh at this, but as I am relatively new to blogging, when I have been reading through posts over the past month or so I have always wondered 'what does 'DOC' stand for?'  I have thought 'Diabetic...Outpatient...Clinic?!', but no.  However, this week I learned that it means 'Diabetic Online Community'.  In my opinion, this has a far better ring to it and is far more contextually logical than my first assumption!  The Diabetic Online Community - oh how I love you.

2.  I have learned, on a more serious note, that regardless of our differences (whether we administer our insulin through the pump or injection pens, whether we have diabetes ourselves or if a loved one is diabetic, whether we are type 1 or 2) we all can all stand together on the basis of one, fundamental fact.  We are all affected by diabetes.

3.  Something I have learned from D-Blog week that I really wasn't expecting to is how accepting and supportive non-diabetics can be.  Over this last week, as well as those of you who are part of the DOC who have been wonderfully supportive, I have received many messages and comments from people who don't have diabetes and don't know much about it either.  Thank you for your kind words and overall recognition :)

4.  Finally, D-Blog week has taught me of how truly wonderful some human beings are.  From reading the posts of other bloggers from the DOC, especially on Friday (The most awesome thing you've done DESPITE diabetes), I have realised that we are a mixture between soldiers and magicians (Soldicians).  We are capable of anything we put our minds to, regardless of this 'disease' that we have, and we will battle diabetes when it tries to throw us off track.

Goodbye D-Blog Week 2011!  It's been fun!


  1. Soldicians...LOVE THAT!!! It has been a blast this week. Loved discovering all these awesome blogs, looking forward to reading more from yours Daisy! :D

  2. Great post and lessons learned!

  3. I like "soldicians" too! Great new word! Glad you are part of the Diabetes Online Community!