Tuesday, 13 May 2014

D-Blog Week: The Positive Diabetes Poem

The prompt for today's post is to write a poem about diabetes.  In 2012 I wrote a poem for the 'Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge' called Bad Diabetes Day, which I loved writing!  I'm always excited about opportunities to do something a bit creative and different, so I really enjoyed writing this one too:

The Positive Diabetes Poem

As a little girl I'd never tell,
That I had type 1 D.
I was worried what people might say,
And what they would think of me.

Did her parents feed her too much sugar?
Did she used to be fat?
I was embarrassed of my diabetes,
Didn't want to answer questions like that.

I just wanted to be normal,
Eat whatever I liked for tea,
Not have to think about my blood sugars,
Be injection and blood test free.

But as I got older I realised,
No one can be blamed.
I didn't 'make' myself diabetic,
I shouldn't feel ashamed.

Sometimes bad things happen,
But they make you who you are.
Focusing on the positives
Can get you really far!

Now when I inject in public,
Where other people might be sat,
I remind myself I have diabetes,
And there's nothing wrong with that!


  1. Daisy, your positivity is infectious!
    Loved this, love you.

  2. Great....Its so Sweet poem....I like it.Thanks for Sharing.