Monday, 8 August 2011

A Loving Incentive.

Warning:  This post might be a bit 'soppy'. 
Sorry guys!

This won't be a long post.  Mainly, it is just a reminder of how our loved ones want us to be safe and well.

My boyfriend, Adam, has always been extremely supportive in all aspects of my life.  Most importantly, in many ways, he has helped me to think positively about my diabetes.  He takes an interest in it - he's read about it, listens to me go on and on about it, does my bg tests and injections if need be and has been to pretty much all of my doctors appointments with me since we got together nearly 3 years ago.  He's brilliant.

If I wasn't already aware of how much he cared for my well-being, I was reminded when I spotted this:

I've always been terrible at filling in my monitoring diaries, so this is a really great incentive, as well as being a sweet gesture.  Thank you, Adam.  I love you.

And it's working...



  1. What a thoughtful incentive! I've always been horrible at logging my BG numbers, and only through the more frequent use of MM Carelink by my Endo in recent years have I been able to get away from actually writing everything down. This is very cool, sounds like you have a keeper there! Thanks for sharing that... and now, you HAVE to let us know where you get that free dinner at!

  2. Awwww!! I think the next incentive should be a puppy... :D xx

  3. That is the sweetest thing! I'm also terrible about charting my numbers. Love that he's so supportive, enjoy your dinner!!!! :)

  4. it's great that you are keeping track, and even better that there's a reward for it!! keep up the good work!

  5. what a really nice incentive :)

    I really enjoyed my DAFNE course, but like everyone else struggle to fill in the diary.

    Have you joined

    They have an online diary you can update via iPhone, and you'll soon be able to do it via Android phones as well.

    Your Accu-Check Nano meter is very small and stylish. I've just been given an Accu-Check Aviva Expert to test which logs carbs, exercise and even suggests bolus based on your carb and ratio. Very impressed with it so far :)

    Enjoying reading your blogs - keep up the good posts :)