Friday, 12 August 2011

Being Blunt And To The Point.

How often do you change your needles or lancets?

'Nowhere near enough' is the answer from many diabetics, including me.  At least, that was until I was shown this image.

I am now changing my needles after every use.  Can't say that I like the look of the hooks on those beasts!


  1. I honestly couldn't tell you when I started Hoarding needles LOL. But I think it had something to do with the overall cost of diabetes supplies and lack of insurance in my early D years. The habit has stayed with me though and even today I still have a hoarder's worth of needles. My Endo has a habit of giving me a script for needles every time I visit and recently I told her that I still have boxes from a few years ago. I don't know if it was shock or amazement that I saw in her eyes but I just cant help but "recycle"....


  3. No wonder my fingers hurt when I reuse my lancets over and over!

  4. Ouch! I seriously need to change my lancets more often. Ugh, when I think back to when I was un-insured, I used to clean and re-use my syringes until they hurt. BAD IDEA! Thank goodness we now know how bad it is. Wish they'd said theat before. Thanks for sharing this Daisy!!! :)

  5. I used a lancet for over a week (say 30 times) and then took a hi-res picture of it. I really didn't see any type of damage to the needle like this. While I'm sure it's less sharp, when I was using needles for insulin I generally changed them every week...or two.

    I suspect this picture helps them sell more product, you can call me a cynic.