Tuesday, 4 September 2012

#4: Learning From Mistakes

Unfortunately some things have a way of repeating themselves.  I was rudely awoken by Diabetes shoving 2.9 in my face, at 3am.  Luckily I had learnt from yesterdays mistake and had taken some hypo treatment up to bed with me, so it wasn't too bad.  What wasn't great, however, was realising that I was low enough that my mouth had gone completely numb so I'd managed to chomp away not only through my chocolate bar, but also through my tongue. Ouch.

Have felt pretty stressed today, for one reason or another.  I feel like I'm struggling with my energy levels quite a bit - I'm tired pretty much from the moment I wake up, to the moment I go to bed.  The irritating thing is that I can't really figure out why I feel so lethargic.  My blood sugar levels aren't bad, I'm definitely getting 8 hours sleep and I'm eating pretty nutritious food too (if we don't include the chocolate bars for hypo treatments and my slight addiction to Diet Coke).  A visit to the doctor probably will be the way forward if it doesn't improve soon.

My second day of training at work went well!  I don't have much to report apart from the fact that I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to starting on a more full-time basis next week.

What is really cool is that my lovely friend asked me today if I knew any good, diabetes-friendly cake recipes because she wants to make one for her uncle who has type 2.  So it will be nice to ask around a little and find out the sorts of ingredients to use.  Anyone have any ideas?

Anyway I'm home, fed and ready for bed (I'm a poet and I didn't know it!)  By the way, I've decided that I'm going to turn the Diabetic Dais Diaries into a blog in itself, 1. because I thought it'd be pretty cool and 2. because then I can use Diabetic Dais for all of my more specific posts.  I'll let you know where to find it tomorrow :)

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