Saturday, 19 May 2012

D-Blog Week: The Amazing D-Straw


I know I rant about this quite a lot, there's nothing more annoying for me than being served a full sugar soda in a restaurant when I've obviously ordered diet.  In my opinion, not only is it bad service but it's also dangerous because I'm a diabetic!  Of course I understand that we're all human and people make mistakes, but it's happened to me so many times.

Because this post is about designing my dream diabetes device, I have designed The Amazing D-Straw!  Basically when you put it in your soda, if it is diet it will turn to blue.  If it's not it will turn to red and then you can demand a refund or a swap!  Just be polite when you ask for a swap, the last thing you want is a fed-up barman spitting in your soda to teach you a lesson.  Ewww.


  1. I wish something like this existed, haha! Hope you're okay, sugar!

  2. This is an amazing idea, I have this problem all the time. Im always too embarassed to do anything about it so end up sending my boyfriend or dad haha. If only...aye. Its nice reading someone elses day to day life with diabetes, im 21 now and was diagnosed at 15. Still terrible with it, but getting there. Saw your blog advertised in Take A Break magazine :) Hope you are keeping well. Jade :) x

  3. Have you seen the campaign that some people on started called DIet DrinK Awarenessor DiDkA for short?

    It was pretty interesting, and they did a random test one weekend in lots of restaurants/pubs nationwide using some sort of test strip that showed whether the drink contained sugar or not.

  4. Hay, i have not used your Amazing D-Straw. But as you said i hope it will be amazing in its working. Thanks for sharing your device for us.